Sims 2 and Windows 8 Compatibility Issues Fixed

If you spent the best part of the 00’s cooking, sleeping and drowning people in a pool; then you will no doubt be familiar with Maxis series The Sims. This was first released to the public in 2000 and became hugely popular with kids and adults alike; due to this it was no surprise that 4 years later we were blessed with Sims 2.

With the release of Sims 4 you’d be forgiven for thinking Sims 2 wouldn’t be given much thought, but as Sims 3 wasn’t amazingly better than Sims 2 many in The Sims community still relish this older version.

The Sims Exchange was shut down (as were the servers for Sims 3 and Pets for consoles, which was a bit of a piss take.) leaving the community to utilise another site (ModTheSims) to host and share their mods. Just under a couple years ago I finished university and moved back to my home town and in doing so I discovered my old Sims 2 + Expansion Packs and decided to rekindle the flame.

Unfortunately one of my disks didn’t work for the base game which you need to install the EP’s, so I ended up manually installing it. Then I ran into another problem, the EP’s installation would finish and it would attempt to download a patch for the game; however it would fail at this point for some unknown reason.

I ended up doing a bit of searching and a couple hours or so later after trying various methods, I had managed to sort the problem. The games all worked and I was free to play, it had a couple issues of course, shadows became black boxes and the water in the neighbourhood screen was opaque but aside from that I can happily report over nearly 2 years later it is still working complete with mods.  All the information to do it is out there but written on various forums, so I decided to compile my steps below into a short easy guide if your Sims 2 EP’s aren’t working with Windows 8.


  1. To begin, download Grumpy Loader here. The program is courtesy of Mod the Sims user Raven Dragonfire whose boyfriend created it when her EP’s would not work.
  2. Use this link to download each patch needed for the EP’s you wish to install, save them somewhere easy to access.
  3. Once downloaded, install the base game if needed and then put the expansion pack disk in and manually install the files on the disk by going to the D: drive – you might need to autorun the installer and let it fail before trying the next step, so if you decide to do this you shouldn’t need to manually install.
  4. Run Grumpy Loader and add one of the EP’s patch.exe file.  During the process you will encounter an error, click ignore and continue with the patch installation. After ignoring the 2nd error the program will close. Repeat this process for each expansion pack you want to install.
  5. If you want to check the updates have worked:
    • go into the C: drive and onto Program Files (x86)
    • Go to EA GAMES and into the folder of the expansion pack you have just patched.
    • Go through the TSBin folder and you should see a list of files with TS2UPD and/or TS2UPD00 at the bottom.
    • Open one or both of these applications and you will be told that it is already updated – this means it should have worked.
  6. The last thing to do is to install the games again, this can be done by using the disk – or if you manually installed the game:
    • Go to EA GAMES through program files and find autorun.
    • Left click this and go to properties – compatibility – click run on compatibility mode and choose XP Service Pack 2 (not 3 as recommended)
    • Ok it and run Autorun again; this time the process should complete fully with the patches

Now you can play the game!

Credit to Raven Dragonfire, Kayinwonderland and Mootilda.

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