Opinion: Cheap or Expensive HDMI Cables?

If you google this, there will be thread after thread after thread on how stores like PC World and Curry’s attempt to sell customers £60 HDMI leads and what a rip off this is as there’s no difference between a 99p cable from eBay or a £60 cable from department stores.

While I agree £60 is excessive for a cable, my opinion has completely changed over the past few weeks about the different kinds of cables on the market. I’ll be honest and say I’ve been using 99p cables, but recently I’ve experienced no end of problems with cheap cables. 

My set up consists of a HDTV, a PS3, PS4 and a Sky HD Box. To connect all this up, I’ve started using a HDMI switch – the box is powered by the device it’s connected to. Out of five cheap HDMI cables I had, I experienced issues with four of them with this switch. I’d get an on screen error “Resolution Not Supported”. I tried everything from resetting my devices display settings to swapping cables about, until I came to the conclusion it was the HDMI switch. I purchased a replacement and a different brand and still no luck, I kept having the same issue.

I decided to purchase some new 99p cables just in case I had been having bad luck with the cables I purchased. Again, still the same issue. As a last resort, I decided to invest a bit more money in my HDMI cables to see if cheap cables were causing the problems… and it was! 

I purchased some branded cables this time made by Amazon.co.uk – they luckily do a pack of two 2m cables for £6.99. Not a bad price, but still expensive when you’ve been used to 99p ones. I connected them up to my devices and the HDMI switch and the issue was resolved. The build quality of these cables is a lot better and they’re more flexible meaning a tidier TV unit. The 99p ones tend to be thick and not flexible which can be annoying when sorting out cables! The connections on the Amazon cables also feel sturdier too. 

From now on, I’ll be investing money in cables if I need any. Combine these with these Velcro cable ties from Amazon – and you’ll have a pretty tidy and reliable HD setup.

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