Money Heist on Netflix Review

I just finished binge watching both seasons of Money Heist on Netflix, parts 1-4, and wow did this show get me hooked in the first episode.

Novice actors were cast for Money Heist and their performances were outstanding, falling sympathetic to each ones skills, flaws and unique personalities.

Directing was excellent, as was the cinematography. The story concept was brilliant, and played out with non-stop tension and suspense, and all the timelines and flashbacks were executed perfectly. Aside from some plot an technical issues, with a few pacing problems in some of the episodes – especially season 2, not a minute was wasted, and I found myself forgetting to breathe with the constant drama each episode offered.

Some people thought season 2 was bad, but it had its plus an minuses compared to the first season, which was stellar. The difference is more character development and dynamics, which I enjoyed, but I do agree about some of the long dragged out episodes, ridiculous and illogical action scenes, and overdone drama. However, season 3 episode 8 is one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen, of any show, or for that matter movie. It needs to win every award possible. I also was not a fan of the final episode of the second season. It didn’t have a resolution like the first season, but instead, was left with many cliffhangers and illogical plot twists. They needed to have one or two more episodes to wrap up and give its viewers closure, instead of opening up a new season in the same heist. That was just dumb.

Nevertheless, it’s the best international tv series I’ve seen, and in my top five of all time tv shows – right up there with Breaking Bad and Ozark. It’s a well deserved 9.5 rounded up to 10/10 from me. Can’t wait for part 5, and I hope it’s sooner than later to relieve my frustration and anger how they closed out the last season.

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