Minecraft 360 Edition: City Texture Pack Review

The beginnings of my city

Back in March 2015, another texture pack was released for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, bringing the then total number to… well… 8, not counting the default. Some of these include natural, candy and plastic packs, along with Halo and Elder Scrolls style packs. There are enough textures available to change up the aesthetics of your world, but more is of course always better. I have to say, after downloading this DLC, I instantly fell in love with it. The texture had originally piqued my interest as I had built the beginnings of a city project; however the default texture just didn’t really cut it, so judging by the name this seemed perfect… I was not disappointed.

Modern and Edgy

To begin I was given a vast array of objects and materials with a completely different look. It was still Minecraft, there is no doubt of that but it had been transformed into something modern and edgy. Some of the best changes were in the form of an overall more stylish look for building blocks and decoration e.g. glowstone which becomes white with grey shadowing, wool, stone and sandstone bricks, both wooden and iron doors, and of course the now golden redstone lamp. Clothing is portrayed as modern outfits ready for your character, along with cows, sheep and pigs which look a lot more real as to fit in with the theme; also, probably due to the ‘is it a duck or chicken’ joke, the chicken skin now looks like a realistic duck.

The flint and steel was transformed into a mini lighter, along with music disks into little iPods, the furnace like a proper oven and the jukebox as a mini stereo speaker. I was pleased by what I saw, but one of my overall favourite parts was still to be discovered; the paintings.

Paintings provide that extra look

By using all the previous changes to items, my city was coming to life – but by adding paintings to the mix, I was able to create a better overall look; it really just filled in the details. It contained an array of newer, modern looking paintings, along with decoration for items like a microwave, flat screen TV, wine racks, clocks, fish tanks and storage. With all these and the texture loading screen, it was easy to be inspired to build bigger and better structures for my city project.

A section of the kitchen in my mansion

Not as straightforward as you’d like

There is a slightly major; slightly minor depending on how you look at it, issue that comes with changing to any texture pack. The buildings that were there before the change may not quite fit in with the new look. Certain blocks and items change to an extent where they look strange, or for instance with the changes of the paintings, I would have random microwaves, wine racks and air vents in places they did not need to go – this was all mildly amusing but a pain to change.

Still, it was worth it for the texture pack. Everything now looks amazing and I’m sure I’ll be sticking with this one for my city world from now on, which means I can build with the pack in mind. I started a modern mansion and it’s already my favourite building in the whole city! It was even printed in GamesMaster Magazine which is one of my proud moments (no matter how sad that sounds, also check out what they wrote about it below) all thanks to the city texture pack – Best 65p I have ever spent!

GamesMaster Magazine Print
My Mansion

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