How to clean PS4 console

If you have a launch PS4 console, chances are the fan will be pretty mucky. It’s worth considering a full optimum clean of the PS4’s fan, especially if it’s now out of warranty. It’s incredibly easy too! So let’s go through to how clean PS4 consoles.

Most people tend to get a vacuum cleaner around the edges of the console and round the back, thinking that this will give the vents a good clean. It does, and it’s a help, however there is a much more effective way of cleaning your fan.

Cleaning PS4 Voids Warranty

Firstly, note that this procedure will invalidate your warranty if you still have one, so bear this in mind before continuing. You’ll also need a tool. A ‘Torx 8 Security Screwdriver’ or ‘T8 Security’. These can be picked up for as little as 99p on eBay. It’s vital you get the security version though. A standard Torx 8 won’t grip the screws in the back of the console. The tool can also be used for the PS3 too.

How to Clean PS4

Start by peeling off the 4 black stickers on the back of the PS4 which cover the screws. These are the warranty stickers and once removed, invalidated any warranty you may have. Carefully unscrew the back screws and put them somewhere safe.

PS4 Clean
Image 1/3: …and remove the four T9 Security Torx screws, allowing us to pop the hood on the fourth generation model of the Sony PlayStation. Our eyes widen as we wait for a first look at what makes this beauty purr.

Remove the hard drive cover, then from the back of the console pull the main top shell of the console towards you. With a little force, it’ll slide off. You’ll be greeted with the fan. Don’t worry, you don’t expose the motherboard here, it’s simply the fan and a cable.

I’d advise using an air duster, or a little soft brush to gently clear the dust from the fan. Take your time and give it a good clean out. Don’t use a hoover against the fan! But you can use one nearby to suck the flying dust out.

Repeat the steps above, backwards, to put the console back together again and there you have it, a clean PS4! You’ll have a cool running, possibly much quieter PS4 console.

I intend to do this every 6 months. It’s a good way of increasing the life span of your PS4. 

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