Blink XT2 Review – Worth the Money?

I’ve tried multiple CCTV systems around my house, mostly just for the front of the house to look over my cars (lots of theft in the area).

The majority of the systems I had tried were cheap unknown brands which aren’t worth me mentioning. Don’t get me wrong, they were ok in terms of quality and features but it was the reliability that let them down.

So, I purchased 3 Blink XT2 cameras from Amazon for £179.

I’ve had them running for around 1 month now and I’m pretty happy with them.

Installing the Blink XT2

Installation was pretty straightforward to be honest. As the cameras are wireless and battery powered, it was a case of syncing them to the Blink Hub and then deciding where I wanted to put them.

I put one on the front of the house and screwed it into the wall, easy peasy minus the hanging out of the window to do it (not recommended).

Blink XT2 Installed

Another out the back of the house, used a ladder this time. This spot was in a bit of a grey area for our WiFI – our phones and laptops sometimes struggle to connect but no issues with the camera.

The third doesn’t have a spot really, we just move it around the house when we need it. We have two cats, one of which is often ill so needs a pair of eyes on him overnight sometimes. As they’re battery powered and wireless it’s just such a breeze moving them around.

Using the Blink XT2 App

Again, pretty straightforward.

Each camera can be configured seperately. For example, the camera facing my cars is setup so that any movement around the cars it will record a minute-long clip. Such a long clip time can reduce battery life, but as it’s purely looking at my cars it rarely records anything.

The camera in the garden, however, will detect movement in the entire line of sight the camera has, but it will only record 10 second long clips as it’s usually just catching one of the cats taking a shit and I ain’t gotta watch that for a minute.

Picture Quality – Day and Night

Some would argue that the picture quality of a security camera is the most important aspect, and those that would argue differently are probably the type of people that would watch my cat take a shit.

During the day, the picutre quality is great. Nice and clear, very little pixelation and very smooth.

Night time however could be improved. You can change the intensity of the infrared light to improve the picture, but this will drain the battery faster. I found this quite frustrating as I mostly wanted the camera for night time purposes, but a security light certainly helps out – just means I need to purchase one.

Audio Quality

The audio is quite underrated in these cameras I think. There’s very little time delay and they quality is fantastic and extremely sensitive.

It’s already come in handy when speaking to a postman outside the house when they look a bit confused as to where to leave a parcel.

Best place to purchase?

I bought from Amazon for three reasons:

  • Cheapest online
  • Easy to return if I don’t like it/doesn’t work
  • Blink is owned by Amazon

You can use my affiliate link to purchase your Blink Cameras and it helps support this website.

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