August CR100 FM Transmitter Car MP3 Player Review

It’s becoming increasingly popular that drivers want to be able to play the music from their phones through their car stereos. The easiest way to do this is to get a car stereo that supports either Bluetooth or an AUX in connection (a lead connecting from your phone to your stereo, a 3.5mm jack cable). There is a cheaper alternative though and that’s the August CR100 FM Transmitter.

The gadget simply connects to your cigarette lighter in your car. Once connected, you search for a clear radio channel on your car stereo, match the frequency on your transmitter, and you’re ready to go.

There are various ways to now get your music playing in your car. You can store all your tracks on a USB stick and use the USB connection on the transmitter to play your music. The transmitter has a Play/Pause/Next/Previous button, as well as a display, but be aware that it won’t display the track name, just the track number. The transmitter will also start playing from Track one when you next come to use it. The transmitter won’t remember the last track you were playing once you get in your car again!

You can also put all your tracks on an SD card and pop it into the in built SD card slot. 

Personally, I bought a 2m 3.5mm jack cable so I can use the AUX input on the transmitter and plug the other end in the headphone jack on my phone. This way, I can stream anything from my phone to the car stereo – i.e. tracks from YouTube, my music collection on my phone, and so on.

Get the right frequency on your radio/transmitter, and you’ll get excellent CD quality results. It does take a little while to get a clear frequency on your radio, but once you have this you can save it as a channel with no need to set it up again! You can purchase the August CR100 from

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