Asus 7 Inch ME173X MeMO Pad Tablet Review

These days, tablets can be bought anywhere from a poor quality £35 unit, to a £300+ iPad, so it’s hard to know which tablet to buy if you’re on a budget.

A mid range tablet however is fine for everyday use such as web browsing, messaging, games and videos. This is where the Asus MeMO Pad excels in the above. Weighing a generous 304g, it’s perfect for travelling or just as a partner to your Android phone. 

The Asus has a 1.2ghz Quad Core processor and 1GB of RAM. I do think they could have included 2GB of RAM though to assist the powerful processor. You also get 16GB internal memory which can be expanded with a Micro SD card. Battery life is also pretty good at 10 hours.

During my time with the tablet, I was able to play games such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Angry Birds perfectly with no lag or stutter. I also found applications to be quick at opening.

The Asus has a HD screen which is perfect for viewing movies too. In fact the screen quality is highly impressive for a tablet which is £111 from Netflix ran perfectly well and it was a pleasure to watch a film on a 7 inch tablet. I have used tablets that have such a poor screen that you wouldn’t want to sit there and watch a full length movie on it! The 7 inch screen is perfect for all of the above and has a nice look to it. The tablet is very responsive too. It responded well to commands and didn’t suffer any lag. 

It does have a plastic back which makes a build quality feel a little cheap and it’s also a fingerprint magnet, but then again it’d hard to find a tablet these days without having some personal dislikes of the device. 

Audio is also fantastic. The built in speaker is pretty good quality and I found it fairly loud when playing back movies and music.

The overall impression of the Asus tablet is that for the money you’re paying, you’re getting a lot. A fantastic quality tablet which gives you all the performance you would need from a mid range unit. Just be aware though that if you want a power hungry device where you can multitask and use high performance apps, then you might be worth looking elsewhere and paying more money.

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