8bitdo Wireless SNES Controller Review

Recently we covered an article on RetroPie. A system that runs emulators for classic games. This controller is perfect for that if you’re looking to get into some old games to relive childhood memories.

8bitdo have established themselves around the Retro Gaming community as the brand of controllers to use. This classic SNES controller is fantastic, and very much like the original. In fact, if it was wired you wouldn’t know the difference apart from the branding.

It comes in professional packaging, secured in a segment of the box, along with dedicated segments for a USB charging cable, and a heavy metal key ring – which while a bit random, is a nice extra.

The battery inside is a 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery which probably could be removed by unscrewing the back. One charge lasts around 8 hours of continuous play, so unless you’re a hardcore classic gamer, you shouldn’t need to charge this very often.

The buttons are nice and responsive. Reacting to an actual keypress, unlike the £3 wired SNES controllers you can buy on eBay. I found these to be poor quality and you have to press buttons really hard to get them to work.

Pairing is a breeze with most devices, with a number of different options to pair it, I found holding down R and the Start button for 3 seconds allowed it to connect to anything. 

It’s a stunning controller and works really well with games, even on mobile and PC. It’s not just for emulators, it can be used for a multiple amount of devices. I did find it a slight struggle with RetroPie, but this is probably because the first thing I did was upgrade the firmware! Something I should have waited to do until after everything was set up.

The controller is expensive at £25, but it’s worth it to get a good quality controller that will last. Click here to buy it!

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