Next Gen Watch_Dogs Review

After losing more sleep than what I did as a kid at Christmas, Watch_Dogs finally hit the shelves! Six hours later, I’ve finished it. I breathe a sigh of relief and look back at the past few hours to realise I’ve not really experienced a huge amount, sadly and honestly, it doesn’t break the mould […]

The Gentlemen Review

The Gentlemen Review

Has there ever been a bad performance in a Guy Ritchie movie? If there has I certainly haven’t noticed it. He has an ornate ability to take average actors and make them great, and to take already great actors and get even more out of them. There are a few directors around who specialise in […]

Money Heist

Money Heist on Netflix Review

I just finished binge watching both seasons of Money Heist on Netflix, parts 1-4, and wow did this show get me hooked in the first episode. Novice actors were cast for Money Heist and their performances were outstanding, falling sympathetic to each ones skills, flaws and unique personalities. Directing was excellent, as was the cinematography. […]

How to clean PS4 console

How to clean PS4 console

If you have a launch PS4 console, chances are the fan will be pretty mucky. It’s worth considering a full optimum clean of the PS4’s fan, especially if it’s now out of warranty. It’s incredibly easy too! So let’s go through to how clean PS4 consoles. Most people tend to get a vacuum cleaner around […]


Which is the best HDMI Switch to use?

In the excitement of buying a Playstation 4 console at launch, I hadn’t considered whether I’d have enough HDMI ports on my TV. Having a PS3 and a Sky+HD box but only two HDMI ports meant I was going to struggle. So it was time to find a HDMI Switch. A HDMI switch is a […]

August CR100 FM Transmitter Car MP3 Player Review

It’s becoming increasingly popular that drivers want to be able to play the music from their phones through their car stereos. The easiest way to do this is to get a car stereo that supports either Bluetooth or an AUX in connection (a lead connecting from your phone to your stereo, a 3.5mm jack cable). […]

Asus 7 Inch ME173X MeMO Pad Tablet Review

These days, tablets can be bought anywhere from a poor quality £35 unit, to a £300+ iPad, so it’s hard to know which tablet to buy if you’re on a budget. A mid range tablet however is fine for everyday use such as web browsing, messaging, games and videos. This is where the Asus MeMO […]

8bitdo Wireless SNES Controller Review

Recently we covered an article on RetroPie. A system that runs emulators for classic games. This controller is perfect for that if you’re looking to get into some old games to relive childhood memories. 8bitdo have established themselves around the Retro Gaming community as the brand of controllers to use. This classic SNES controller is […]

Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses Review

The Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses are essentially a rich man’s google cardboard. It’s a headset, which when combined with your compatible phone, gives you a full 3D/VR experience. I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t expecting too much based on the price point. However, first appearances with the outer packaging, made me think this […]